We see them on the way to work.  We hear them on the radio.  We try to ignore their struggles, but it's time we face the music:

Retail stores are in need.

We are launching the Help Needy Chains campaign to raise awareness for those who are unable to speak for themselves.  Those who have lost their voices.

Think the truth is being overblown?  Think again.  Last year, stores only experienced a 3.9% growth rate.  3.9!  That's one number less than 4.

Not convinced?  How about this dose of reality: in 2013, Black Friday spending was expected to be only $57.4 billion.  "That's a decrease of nearly 3 percent from last year's $59.1 billion," reports the New York Times.

And we ALL have distractions this time of year.  Things that pull us away from our civic duty of providing for those like Wal-Mart and Best Buy who are getting left by the wayside amidst a sea of negative consumer practices such as budgeting, saving, and shopping local.

Believe us... we realize it's difficult to stay the ethical, responsible course with little baby deities crying in the background, "It's my birthday!  It's my birthday!"  Boo-hoo, Jesus, daddy needs to overfill on mashed potatoes then shove the elderly for that sweet, discounted iPad.

New findings from MIT School of Neuroreaction suggest that Americans are capable of feeling similar parental empathy for mega-chains as they do for a newborn child.  This is science.

But fostering these important relationships with endcaps and high margins, well, that's up to each of us.

Please, this holiday season, do the right thing.  Partner with us to raise awareness.  Help a chain.  Help save lives.