It's been nearly a year since the Motor Vu Drive-In in Twin Falls announced they would not be opening ever again. I know there are business reasons for that decision, but as I drove by the old drive-in yesterday, I couldn't help but get all misty and wonder out loud...can someone please find a way to re-open the Motor Vu?

I remember the story on when they passed along the original bad news.

“It is permanent as far as we know, said General Manager Ben Koldewey. “We know how important the drive-in is to the community and we are very disappointed to share this news with the community. We’ve had several people ask ‘When are you going to open?’”

Koldewey said the decision was made after the company was contacted by Interstate Amusement Inc., the property owner, and told that a water pipe had burst in the men’s restroom over the winter. It had remained undetected for several months and water damage spread to the concession stand, causing $28,000 in damage.

Motor-Vu Drive-In was also facing another problem this summer: There weren’t enough movies in the right format for the theater.

Koldewey said the company has struggled to find movies because a number of studios are choosing not to release features on 35mm film. The funds needed to convert to digital projection and repair the building are cost prohibitive for both the property owners and Cinema West, a press release said.

I know there were efforts to start a Go Fund Me page to attempt to save the drive-in plus a Facebook page. And, no, it may not make great business sense. But, the nostalgic part of me just has to ask the question again - can someone find a way to make this happen?

Photo, Doc Holliday