TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – The Twin Falls School District says that Jacoby Fox, head basketball coach at Canyon Ridge High School, has announced his resignation.

The resignation is a “tough personal decision” for Fox, according to a prepared statement by the district. “In appreciation of his efforts and loyalty to Canyon Ridge High School, his resignation has been put forward to the school board and has been approved.”

Fox had struggled with the decision for several weeks, said Lonnie Ahlquist, the school’s athletic director. He waited until the season ended to make his decision.

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“He has my full support and that of the administration,” Ahlquist said. “He’s been a loyal, dedicated coach for five years and has done so much for the school. He’s a great man.”

Fox has helped in other athletic areas of the school and at Robert Stuart Middle School, Ahlquist said. If he chooses to stay in the area, “the door will always be open for him to come back and help us out.”

Canyon Ridge has already started the process of finding a replacement.

“We’ve identified a pretty good candidate pool and we’re looking forward to going down that process,” Ahlquist said, noting that someone stepping into Fox’s position will have big shoes to fill. “We don’t want someone who’ll come in and stay just a year or two and move on. We want someone who is committed to being here for our kids long term.”