CASSIA COUNTY, Id. ( KMVT - KSVT ) The Cassia School Board voted Wednesday to ask voters for an additional $14.9 million to help the county’s schools. Last March voters approved a nearly $37 million bond, but officials recently discovered that number falls short of what they need.

The district says the error was made by a company that gave the original estimate, but voters are now being asked to fix the error in order to keep the much needed projects on track. So how much exactly will it cost tax payers?

"We're working with the Zions Bank to put together a tax impact sheet so patrons will know what the impact would be should the election be successful," said Cassia School Board Spokesperson Debbie Critchfield. If the election fails, Critchfield says the board will meet with school officials and members of the community to figure out the next steps. The election will be held on March 8th, 2016.