Are Twin Falls Internet Service Providers Ripping Us Off?
If you're wondering why your Internet is slow -- first off, you're not crazy.  There's a good chance it is actually slower than you thought it would be.  The Wall Street Journal reported on a story and found that most Internet speeds are significantly slower than advertised …
[VIDEO] Woodworking Project – 1940s Vintage Tractor
Kelly Klaas from News Radio 1310 built this handmade wooden tractor entirely from scratch.  Check out the detailing - movable wheels & swing bar on back.  Twin Falls has some ridiculously talented builders.
As always, I'm very interested to see what others are working on.  …
Why Is Netflix So Slow Lately?
A lot of customers have complained lately about slowdowns on Netflix.  So why exactly is Netflix so slow?  Reddit picked up on a story by, and there are some concrete reasons.
Snake Listener Project – 1929 Vintage Pickup
As you may have seen with my coffee table or end table, I enjoy my hobbies.  What I'd really like to see, though, are comments & pictures from readers.  What are YOU working on in the garage or basement?  Here's a burl end table made by reader & listener Barb…
Will You Buy Goat Simulator?
IT'S FINALLY COMING!  The game that virtually no one is looking forward to, yet can't stop talking about!  Ever dreamed of being a goat?  How about owning one?  Driving one?  Or bouncing one on a trampoline?  Then you'll LOVE Goat Simulator.
Five Things I Broke Last Year
I don't have enough personal pride to withhold this information!  I broke or wore out the following things in the last year, and I intend to fix or replace them at the upcoming home & garden show:

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