Ebay is full of Twin Falls postcards and trucker hats. Now, I like truckers hats as much as the next person that likes truckers hats, but sometimes you hope for something more. If you're that something more kind of person, you may be interested in some cool historical Twin Falls items I stumbled across.

1950's Twin Falls brochure from the Chamber of Commerce

Did you know that we were a "magic city"? I sure didn't. Notice that the picture on the front features Shoshone Falls when there was actually water going over it. That sure was a long time ago.

1909 Ad for Twin Falls from the Commercial Club

This ad was featured in the Sunset Magazine just after the turn of last century. No idea what the Sunset Magazine was, but guessing it had something to do with sunsets.

1940's Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce map

This one features directions to the Boy Scout Camp and the Sugar Factory. It is not advised to take the Boy Scouts to the Sugar Factory prior to the camping trip.

1920's magazine article about Twin Falls irrigation

My wife will be proud as I actually took the time and read the entire article. That's a first for me. I learned that we can apparently blame the lack of water over Shoshone Falls on the beet farmers. That's fine with me since I hate beets.