Here's one for you. There was a new home under construction in Meridian, Idaho. Builders could hear a cat crying, but had no idea where it was. Then, they decided to check one of the building's pillars.

Here's their description from their YouTube video:

Stephan Beynun (my husband), was working at a new home construction site when another contractor overheard a cat crying from inside of an enclosed pillar. There was no way for it to escape, so the men had to quickly saw open the pillar in order to save this cat who had been trapped inside for almost 2 weeks! The builder was completely unaware that there was a cat hiding within the walls before enclosing the pillar and we were all happy to see it run free, towards it's home!

A couple questions immediately come to mind. First, how did the cat get in the pillar? Guessing maybe through an open vent in the roofing before it was in place? Second, when the video gets to the point where the cat is rescued, you can see a ton of nails protruding through the interior of the wood. How did the cat not become a pincushion?

Oh well. Happy that this feline is apparently free now and going to be OK. But, if you're building a house in Idaho, always a good idea to occasionally pay attention to sounds in the walls.