If you do some digging on Etsy, you can find some weird stuff. And, you can also find some very unique vintage things that are very specific to Twin Falls. Here are just a few of the Twin Falls related items you can buy now.

  1. Vintage 1930s - 40s Idaho Curteich Postcard Accordion Booklet Set: 18 Linen Collectibles - Twin Falls
  2. Idaho Map - ORIGINAL Vintage 1960s Picture Map
  3. Boise Twin Falls Idaho Road Map Light Switch Plate
  4. Twin Falls Idaho Antique Vintage Map Pendant for Necklaces, Keychains, Bookmarks, and Bottle Openers

Personally, I would be quite partial to the light switch cover. Although, I'm afraid my friends in Boise might misunderstand if I tell them that I flip them off every night.

Have you found any strange and/or wonderful Magic Valley items on Etsy? If so, please share links!