There are some really nice homes available in Buhl. But, there's only one that can claim to be the most expensive currently on the market. This is it and it truly looks like a home built for a king and/or queen.

This is an epic 8-bedroom, 5-bath home that is located at 1473 E 4600 N in Buhl. That's right. EIGHT bedrooms and FIVE baths. You would have no excuse to not bathe properly here.

The space isn't limited to just the home. You could park your fleet of Bugatti's in the garage that could contain 5 of them.

It might be kinda hard to convince yourself to leave the home for a drive in your Bugatti when you have a pool that has a view like this one has. Wow.

Luxury does have a cost, though. Be prepared to shell out just over $1.2 million if you want to put your name on the mailbox.

The listing agent is Janine Bear if you'd like to take a swim in that pool.