MIDDLETON (KTVB) – Authorities in Canyon County issued a warning to parents and students today after a Middleton student brought a toy gun to school on the bus this morning.

The incident involved a student at Middleton Heights Elementary School and led to security holds at two schools.

The Canyon County Sheriff's Office is commending a second grader who took the proper steps to alert teachers after he saw another student carrying what appeared to be a handgun while riding the bus to school Tuesday morning.

Teachers then alerted the sheriff's office which made the decision to put two Middleton schools on security holds. A short time later, deputies found a toy gun inside Middleton Heights Elementary School and determined it was the same gun seen on the bus.

"These types of situations require an immediate and overwhelming law enforcement response," said Sheriff Kieran Donahue. "We had 18 officers out at the schools this morning searching for the potential handgun. Thankfully, it turned out to be a toy, but that just shows the urgency with which we handle these matters. I'd like to thank the Middleton School District for their cooperation throughout the morning, and I'd also like to personally commend the young student for doing the right thing by alerting authorities."

The sheriff's office wants to remind students and parents that bringing a toy gun to school can have serious ramifications.