I finished my Christmas shopping over the weekend and I thought I would feel relieved. But I didn't! A recent study found that Christmas time should actually lower your blood pressure!

The study, published in 'Time,' found that Christmas time should be all about being generous and nice to other people. Which is actually good for your health according to science.

Here are three ways being generous around Christmas time can make you healthier:

  1. A 2006 study found that people who support their friends and family, emotionally or financially, have lower blood pressure. And they're also more likely to feel supported in return.
  2. It reduces stress. In a recent study, people played a game where they had the option of donating some of their money to other players. And when the game was over, the ones who decided not to donate had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
  3. It makes you happier. In 2007, researchers scanned people's brains and gave them the choice to either keep $100 or donate it to charity. The pleasure-centers of their brains lit up MORE when they gave it away.

Brad told me I needed to tip a bunch of people for the holidays. It seems that the old addage is true: during the holidays it's better to give than receive.