TWIN FALLS, Id. ( KMVT/KSVT ) Noxious weeds are becoming a major problem in Twin Falls. Yard work is taxing during the summer months – especially in the heat. Despite that, City Officials say it's important to maintain yards in order to keep the weeds out.

City Code Enforcement officials tell us their top priority is to help people understand when they have a weed problem — and how they can fix it. They give people 7–10 days after initially talking to them, to take action. Sean Standley is the Twin Falls Code Enforcement Coordinator. he said, "Weeds do spread throughout the neighborhoods. We like to push quality of life situations, and it does affect your neighbor."

Standley says one of the biggest issues right now is the spread of noxious weeds. Code enforcement encourages people to seek help from local weed spraying and landscape agencies.