Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The city of Twin Falls is in the early planning stages on how to accommodate traffic along the Canyon Springs Grade.

The road is utilized daily by foot traffic, bicycles, motorists and construction vehicles. The number one concern for the city is the safety of everyone. That is why the city engineering department has proposed a public committee to give residents, businesses and recreational users a voice. If approved by the city council the committee will be led by a public liaison hired by the city.

"We want to get it right and we had four different opinions, so we want to include everyone’s opinion so we don't have to do it twice and then everybody is represented pretty well. This is a long process; it's going to be at least the rest of this year going into the next,” said Assistant City Engineer Troy Vitek.

If approved by the council the group will begin discussing safety and accommodating the needs of all of the roads