Despite the fact that I tried unsuccessfully to make it to the City of Rocks a few weeks ago, someone else obviously did. If you don't know the story of that adventure, the details are here. However, the drive through the City of Rocks was just named a top 10 scenic drive in all of Idaho.

Only In Your State recently documented all of the best places in our state to take in all the natural beauty. I can't argue with any of their selections as northern Idaho and the drive through Stanley in the Sawtooth range are all spectacular.

When it comes to the City of Rocks, here's why they say it made the list.

Located in south central Idaho, the City of Rocks Back Country Byway encircles the Albion Mountains on State Highway 77. The drive goes through historic and rural areas. The last stop ends in Oakley, which is on the National Register of Historic Places and contains the state’s largest collection of old stone and wood-framed buildings. The City of Rocks National Reserve is a mecca for technical rock climbers and described as rivaling Yosemite National Park.


The City of Rocks is something you have to experience as often as possible. My advice is to not invite me along as your driver and/or navigator.