We've shared many stories recently about the many earthquakes that have occurred near Yellowstone National Park and also in Idaho. Now, some conspiracy theorists think they know why.

There are a growing number of people that believe there is a rogue planet that is approaching Earth that is causing the increasing number of earthquakes. You may have heard about Planet X or Nibiru. This is what that's all about.

This will sound wacky, but I've tested their theory myself and you can, too. It might even freak you out a little. First, a little backstory.

Years ago, there were many that noticed that Google Sky had blacked out a small portion of the night sky. It was a square black box placed over something. I saw this myself using Google Sky, so this is not theory. Now, something appears to be showing from outside the black box.

Don't take my word. Do it yourself. Here's how you can check.

1. Go to Google Sky.

2. In the top left, search for "Virgo".

Google Sky

3. In the top right corner, click the "Infrared" buttom. (NOTE: the reason you have to look for this planet using infrared is due to the fact that it's thought to be a cold dwarf planet that is dark and does not reflect light.

Google Sky

4. Let's zoom in closer and see what it is. You will need to scroll in with your mouse scroll-wheel until the infrared image shows. If you do, you will see this.

Google Sky

Freaked out yet? What's Google Sky (and maybe NASA) hiding? Let's zoom in on this image.

Google Sky

If you zoom out, you'll see this is the only part of the sky that is blacked out. Very suspicious.

Now, don't go selling your earthly belongings just yet. But, if you want some interesting reading, there's an author that believes this body (whatever it is) will influence Earth more and more until September of 2017 when things really get bad. The author's name is David Meade and you can check out his Planet X website for more info - if you dare.

Oh, and there are others that think it's this month. So, there's that.

If you don't mind, I'm gonna return to my bunker now.