It's breast cancer awareness month and in honor of her tatas it's all about the FUN BAGS this month!
October 13th is the Annual Clip for the Cure at Smart Style Hair Salon (the salon located in both the Jerome and Twin Falls Wal-Mart locations).  They are trying to raise as much money as possible for breast cancer research.
Here's how it works:
  • Get your hair cut at Smart Style Hair Salon at either the Jerome or Twin Falls Wal-Mart and ten percent of the proceeds will go to breast cancer research.
  • Make a donation! Donations are being accepted NOW through Monday, October 31st!
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Swag is available for purchase!
Contact Kasey Dickson at 208-324-9113 for more information or check out my interview with him yesterday:

Want to show more love to the boobies?  Then come out to Bra Across The Canyon on Saturday, October 20th as we pay tribute to her breasts and raise money for Magic Valley's breast health!