Def Leppard will return to Las Vegas for another extended stay. It just won't happen as quickly as they'd previously thought.

Singer Joe Elliott broke the bad news to fans during a recent interview, starting by pointing out that the city has become a very popular destination for rock bands -- including their current tourmates Kiss. "They've got nine shows. So that's another one to add to the reasons to go back," Elliott said of Kiss' upcoming Vegas residency. "Ourselves, Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, kind of mini residencies by people like Prince and the Who. It's become a very young town, and it's great that it seems to be taking off and becoming a cool thing to do."

But by the time they get around to scheduling a new round of shows at the Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, it looks like it'll be late 2015. "We've got a new record in the making," Elliott explained. "We're gonna spend the rest of the year when the tour is done -- most of it, at least -- recording this album so we can get it out for springtime."

Once it's out, he added, Def Leppard will put together what sounds like an ambitious world tour. "I think we're gonna head off Down Under first, do Australia, Japan, maybe some more areas of the Far East, South Africa, and then come back up and do Europe and then we'll be back in the States in the summer and then go around the rest of the world after that," he mused. "So, yeah, think we're gonna be in November 2015, back in Vegas again."

The band's last Vegas residency, dubbed 'Viva! Hysteria,' looked back on their blockbuster 1987 album (and was commemorated with a live album and film). Next time around, Elliott says, the group will "probably do 'Viva! Pyromania,'" celebrating the 1983 LP that really broke them through to a mainstream crossover audience.

No matter what they decide to do for their return, it sounds like 2015 is going to be a huge year for Def Leppard -- and Def Leppard fans.