Bungie has announced that it's changing the damage output of Destiny's gun types as it boards up yet another loot cave (don't worry, there are more out there), this time in Earth's Rocket Yard.

Destiny's hotfix is going live today, Bungie announced. This hotfix will change the overall damage done by Destiny's weapon types in order to balance them for the Crucible (PVP). Specific legendary weapons will be getting altered from this hotfix as some Vault of Glass raid changes are being added. The Warlock's Brimstone perk can now activate in the air and the Titan's Unbreakable perk no longer grants excessive agility than originally intended. Lastly, one of the more popular loot caves that has been exploited for drops is being closed up.

In terms of base weapons, all Auto Rifles are having their base damage decreased by 2%. Overall Stability across each Auto Rifle is being decreased between 4%-17%, depending on the weapon. The Auto Rifle's Precision Damage multiplier (head shot bonus) is being decreased from 1.50 to 1.25. Scout Rifles are having their base damage increased by 6% and are getting increased further in the Crucible by 6%-25%, depending on the gun's tier. Scout Rifles are also getting better acquisition and better recoil. Hand Cannons were left alone, except for having their in-air accuracy increased. Shotguns now have their base damage at max range decreased by 20%, but have had their perks increased. The Vex Mythoclast and Pocket Infinity Exotic Weapons have had some serious overhauls as well.

Bungie mentions that it is working on a larger update to address overall class balance and all under-performing Exotic weapons. Make sure you check Bungie's official website for all the other changes coming with this hotfix.