You just never know who or what you'll see traveling along the roads of Twin Falls. This weekend, you may have seen a couple of interesting "vehicles" traveling along Addison.

Thanks to our friend, Camille Johnson, for catching this one. Two horses were seen making their way down Addison. We understand that the drivers on Blue Lakes were also treated to some equestrian joy.

This begs the question if the horses must follow traffic laws like regular vehicles if they're on a sidewalk. If you know where the turn signal is on a horse, please let us know.

In Twin Falls, we've seen just about everything imaginable on or next to our roads and drive-thru's. Add these horses and their riders to the colorful tapestry that is Twin Falls and the Magic Valley.

UPDATE: Our friends on the horses have reached out to us and even provided new pictures. Sarah Woodman and Natalie Anna Olson shared the fact with us that they not only like to ride down Addison and Blue Lakes, but have also gone through the Sonic and Dutch Bros drive-thru's.

Photo, courtesy of Natalie Anna Olson
Photo, courtesy of Sara Anna Olson