Wearable tech is the "it" thing right now. With Apple set to debut the Apple Watch, soon we won't just be carrying our favorite devices in our pockets, but strapping them to our body.

Smart Devices like iPhones have reached a development crossroad: consumers aren't "wowed" by screen size, thickness, or the speed of the device anymore. It's arrogant, but we've come expect those upgrades with every new iteration. We've arrived at the point where it doesn't really matter what kind of smart phone we have in our pocket. They all do the same things while running the same apps in roughly the same way.

The now ubiquitous slab of aluminum, glass, and plastic in our pocket needs to evolve.

Enter: Wearable Tech.

Pretty much every big name in the world of technology is developing some kind of wearable device, and for good reason. Wearable tech is a golden opportunity. This is "fashion" based technology, tech you wear all the time rather than put in your pocket. A smart watch will likely be one of the first things you put on in the morning, and the last you take off at night. Wearables are poised to become more than an accessory, but a part of us.

But do we really need a smart watch?