A lot of us Twin Falls mommies and daddies use Pinterest on a daily basis. We have all found great things on Pinterest, and some not so great things. Some of us have even “nailed it” on Pinterest.

Have you ever found something on Pinterest that isn’t true? That’s right a lie on Pinterest.
I recently read a blog on msn.com and found cleaning recipes that are absurd when you think about. Read through the list and let us know if you have tried any of these DIY cleaning ideas.
1. Baking Soda combined with vinegar and used as an all purpose cleaner – the only thing you actually is a solution of water and some salt.
2. Soaking clothing in salt to maintain clothes color- the truth is no cleaning product can prevent fading. If your clothes fade it’s because the fabric was not finished properly.
3. Putting hair spray on an ink stain – this is an old trick and if hairspray was still made with alcohol it would work. Current hairspray is made without alcohol. If you want to remove an ink stain use rubbing alcohol.
4. Cleaning burnt marks off with a dryer sheet – fabric cleaners don’t mix with dishes. Instead use baking soda and water.
5. Add mouthwash to a washing machine to clean it – Mouthwash isn’t strong enough to clean your washing machine. You need bleach!
6. Clean you toilet bowl with soda – soda does not have enough acid in it to remove stains and it defiantly won’t kill germs. Stick to cleaner that’s made for cleaning toilets!
7. Rub your stove top with car wax to make clean-up easier – some car wax is flammable so you do the math.
8. Put a lemon wedge in your dishwasher to make your dishes cleaner – the amount of acid in a lemon isn’t enough to make any difference when it comes to cleaning your dishes.
9. Remove ironing scorch marks with corn starch – chances are nothing will take away iron scotch marks. If anything works it won’t be cornstarch if will be laundry detergent.
10.Place a dryer sheet in your air vent to make your house smell fresh – these will only make your house smell fresh for a short amount of time. There are a million other ways to more efficiently freshen up your house.
Have you tried any of these Pinterest cleaning ideas? If so, what was your experience?