TWIN FALLS, Id. (KMVT / KSVT) The Twin Falls Canal Company is reminding you to not dump trash or other property in the canals as it is illegal, unsafe, and harmful.

Trash and duping on the canal banks has always been a problem, especially in the last couple of years. People tend to dump items in the canals which they don't want to pay for to take to the landfill. The top items found in the canals are couches, washer and dryers, and tires. Last year, a canal almost broke due to burrowing rodents.

"The canals are a big asset to the area. They are the life blood of the area. We need to take pride in them. The most dangerous thing though is there is nothing better for burrowing rodents, badgers, gophers, muskrats, rock chucks, they love rock piles and junk piles,” said Brian Olmstead, Twin Falls Canal Company manager. The Twin Falls Canal Company asks you to report any canal dumping to them and to the sheriff.