Fox News reports that former Johns Hopkins Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery Dr. Ben Carson has taken serious steps towards a 2016 presidential campaign, including formation of a so-called "Super PAC" called One Nation.

Super PACs, you may remember, may receive unlimited funds from corporations, unions, individuals... just about anyone, without any cap on the funds it can receive.  The catch is they legally cannot contribute to campaigns or parties.  But they may engage in unlimited spending outside the campaign.

However, the details get muddled very quickly since candidates may not coordinate directly with Super PAC managers, but they MAY discuss campaign strategy and tactics through the media.  Stephen Colbert demonstrated this in his satirical (but very real) Super PAC.

Carson has appointed Texas businessman Terry Giles as his campaign chairman, and Giles has also approved the formation of the Super PAC, which Fox reports has already raised over $8 million.