The PS4-exclusive racer, DriveClub, is rolling up to the starting line in a few weeks, but Evolution Studios has a lot more races planned in its future in the form of downloadable content.

Jamie Brayshaw, Evolution Studios' Community Development Manager, has unveiled DriveClub's downloadable content schedule on the PlayStation Blog. Just from buying DriveClub and not partaking in any of its paid downloadable content, the game will still give you 11 free tracks and nine cars from now until June 2015. DriveClub will continuously get upgrades and performance tweaks all-year-long as well. While DriveClub already has 55 routes stretching across 25 different tracks in the game, we're glad to hear that Evolution is bringing you even more for free.

Evolution Studios will be releasing paid DLC regularly throughout the year, which will include 38 car packs, 176 tour packs/events and 80 liveries mixed with the free downloads mentioned earlier. There will be a Season Pass available for $24.99 so you can pre-order all of this digital content and save. If you try to buy each piece of DLC separately, it will total up to almost $76.

DriveClub launches on Oct. 7 exclusively for PlayStation 4. Check the photo below to see the schedule of tracks and cars you get for free in DriveClub and what vehicle, tour and livery packs you get from having the DLC Season Pass.

Evolution Studios

Just because there's DLC, doesn't mean the morning commute will be any smoother.