If you love to put those wooden sticks on your feet and feel snow sliding by, there's a new drone video of the Pebble Creek Ski Area that's just been shared.

I hear all kinds of talk about Soldier and Magic Mountain, but haven't had many bring up Pebble Creek here in the Magic Valley. If you're new, it's a comfortable 2-hour drive from Twin.

Twin to Pebble Creek, Google Maps

Couple of thoughts since I've become a specialist on critiquing people's drone videos of ski areas. First, Pebble obviously does not lack for snow on the slopes. I don't normally pay much attention to weather in that area, but thumbs up on hill conditions. Second, this person picked just about the perfect day to scope out what's up at Pebble. Plenty of snow on the trees and not a ton of cloud cover so you can really see the awesome scenery near there.

For more on Pebble Creek Ski Area, check out their official website and Facebook page.