I never get tired of watching videos that people have made with their drones of our many places of beauty in and around the Magic Valley. This footage taken back in May of Shoshone Falls may be the best of them all.

Doug Crosby is the guy we can thank for this video. Looks like he picked the perfect day in May to take his drone to Shoshone Falls.

The one thing that is different about Doug's video compared to the many others I've seen is he flew his drone extremely high and was able to capture a perspective that we rarely see. It doesn't hurt that it was one of our famous crystal-clear days with hardly a cloud in the sky. Have to love the awesome rainbow that ended up in his shot.

Highly recommend that you check out all the videos on Doug's channel. He's grabbed some epic video from all around Idaho.

By the way, Doug used an epic drone to get this video. It's one of the best drones you can buy - the DJI Phantom 3 Pro. The only way it gets better than that is the new Phantom 4. Christmas list, please?