I'd like to pretend that there isn't a drug problem in America. More importantly I'd like to pretend there isn't a drug problem in our Magic Valley schools.

The realty is, drugs are all around us. Drugs may not be in our work environments, homes, church's, etc. but they are in our children's schools. The place we send our kids for 7 hours everyday.

The 2014 Drug Report by the Institute of Behavioral Health reports that 35% of High School students have tried illegal drugs at least once in their life and 22% of Idaho students have used marijuana in the past 30 days, or use it daily.

Drug deals are happening on school campus's everyday. Kids are under the influence of drugs while in class. If your child is drug-free, drugs are still being circulated all around them.

As parents...what do we do? Do we teach our kids that this is the way the world works? Do we home school are kids? Or do we believe that something will change to make our schools truly drug free campuses?