TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – At a little before 4 p.m. Friday, Eddie Braun did what his hero Evel Knievel couldn’t do in 1974 – successfully cross the Snake River Canyon in a high-powered Skycycle.

Crowds began to gather near the launch site this morning, and waited most of the day before Braun launched his rocket.

When it was over, his fans cheered. Many of them came from out of state to see history in the making, saying afterward it was well worth the time and expense it took for them to get to southern-central Idaho.

Tony Prater: 'It was beautiful,” said the Twin Falls resident, who had postponed a trip to Spain to see the launch. 'It was well worth the wait.'

When the thrusters stopped on Braun's rocket, spectators saw three parachutes open one after the other and the machine slowly drop to a farmer’s field.

“It was beautiful,” said Twin Falls resident Tony Prater, who had postponed a trip to Spain to see the launch. “It was well worth the wait.”

Renee Bray echoed similar sentiments. “That was so worth it,” she said. Bray and her husband, Brian Bray, traveled from South Florida to see the stunt.

Lori Rabas, who attended elementary and high school with Braun, came from Orange, Calif., with a sinus cold to see her friend attempt his dream. She was extremely excited when he accomplished it.

“Listen,” she said. “There are no sirens. That’s a good thing.”

Traffic slowed on the Hansen Bridge during the launch, as drivers tried to catch a glimpse of the rocket. Some of them honked horns and cheered after Braun landed. At a parking lot near the bridge, spectators, some of them sunburned from waiting all afternoon for the launch, reveled in Braun’s success and waved back at the passing traffic.

“This was a once in a lifetime event,” Prater said. “Life isn’t about all the things we accumulate. It’s about experiences. You can’t replace experiencing something like this.”

This vehicle, parked at a lot near the Hansen Bridge on Friday, had New York license plates. (Photo by Andrew Weeks)

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