We've heard rumors for years about who would be next to try to recreate Evel Knievel's jump of the Snake River Canyon. According to Magic Valley.com, there is a now an actual planned event that has been announced. The word is that stuntman, Eddie Braun, will attempt to make the jump on a rebuilt Skycycle.

Hollywood stuntman Eddie Braun still plans to fly over the Snake River Canyon at 400 mph.

Braun will ride a replica of the rocket that Evel Knievel rode into the canyon in 1974, he says. The launch ramp is visible from Idaho Highway 50 east of the Hansen bridge.

He calls it his “Epic dream.”

The rocket is in Corona, Calif., where “she is, painted in her glory, and ready to fly,” Braun wrote on Facebook, where he posted a photo of himself with the flight rocket and a nonfunctional “show” rocket at Troy Lee Designs.

What do you think? Will the jump actually happen this time? What say you?