It seems that there's no shortage of job offers for Edgar Wright. Following his departure from Marvel over creative differences on 'Ant-Man,' the director has already gotten back to work -- first with his long-gestating project 'Baby Driver,' and now he's locked his second job: adapting the Young Adult novel 'Grasshopper Jungle,' which sounds like just the kind of weird and wild stuff we want to see from Wright.

Deadline reports that Sony Pictures has hired Wright to direct 'Grasshopper Jungle,' based on the Young Adult novel by Andrew Smith. 'Beautiful Girls' writer Scott Rosenberg is penning the script, which tells the coming-of-age story of a teenage boy from Iowa who is struggling to deal with his hormones and all his emerging sexual feelings. At the same, time, he and his friends set off a genetically engineered plague of six-foot-tall praying mantises. In these insects, the boys see the life they wish to lead: one that revolves around mating, eating, and aggression.

It sounds like a tricky adaptation, but one that we believe Wright will totally nail. Deadline describes the story as 'Stand by Me' meets 'Attack the Block,' and that alone sounds like a great time, even without Wright's involvement. We can't wait to see how the director brings his vivid imagination to this adaptation.