TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – The counting machines are working well and everything is set for a smooth ballot count Tuesday night at the Elections Office, according to election officials.

The public testing of the machines was completed Monday morning at the Twin Falls County West building.

“So far everything looks good,” said Election Director Valerie Varadi. She and two assistants, Deputy Clerk Sharon Lancaster and IT professional Brian Stephenson, ran the three machines that counted the test ballots Monday.

They all said they’re ready for a long, but hopefully uncomplicated, day Tuesday.

“I’ll be going out at 6 a.m. to the polling places to make sure all the precincts have everything they need,” Lancaster said. “We have plenty of ballots this time.”

During the GOP presidential primaries in March, some precincts ran out of ballots. Copies were made, but that required them to be hand-counted and delayed the results.

County Clerk Kristina Glascock said she expects things to run smoother this time around. She also doesn’t expect the number of voters to be as high as it was during the GOP primaries. But, she said, you never know – voter turnout is sometimes tough predict.

She does expect Kimberly to see a good turnout, however, because both the Kimberly School District and Rock Creek Rural Fire Protection District have requests on the ballot.

The school district wants voters to approve a $14 million bond and $300,000 plant facility levy; and Rock Creek Fire is asking for a levy increase that would, over time, allow it to hire more firefighters.

As the test ballots were counted on Monday, making a quick-flip sound as they sped through the machines, county commissioners stood by, watching the process. Jon Hunt, another IT professional, sat at a computer.

“It’s important for us to do this testing to make sure everything runs smoothly on election night,” Varadi said.