I'm sure by now you've heard that Axl Rose, Guns N' Roses lead singer has declined induction to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.  But did you read the letter?  Ever pulled an Axl?

I strongly suggest that you read his open letter to the Hall Of Fame.  It was very well written, smart, respectful, and long winded...HE EXPLAINED IT ALL!

And after reading it, I agree with him.  And it proves that he's straight rock n' roll.  Now this is just my opinion, but the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame is the opposite of rock n' roll.  Am I incorrect?

Rock n' roll is all about the music, the dirty music, the guitar solos, the women, the eye liner, the hair spray, the hard liquor, the girls...I already said that.  But rock n' roll ain't about selling out.  And Axl made his decision not to sell out.  And I like that.

What about you, have you ever stood up for what you believe and said no when everyone else around you disagreed with you?  Comment below or call 208-737-60-70 and leave your message.  I'll be talking about this during my show later today from 2 - 7PM.

From now till then, I'll hopefully come up with a time when I went against the grain, but first more coffee.