Every night I HAVE to have some kind of white noise in order to fall and stay asleep. I usually use a floor fan which does the trick.

The same thing happens in an airplane cabin with the whirring of engines, and babies experience a loud wooshing while in utero.

People have taken notice of this and replicated the experience, commonly called ASMR, with brushes, nails, feathers, q-tips, and just about anything else you can imagine gently touching a microphone.

ASMR stands for "autonomous sensory meridian response"... or put in language I can actually understand: the tingling sensation you get in your head, neck, or spine.

A kitten purring REALLY close to your ear is a common trigger of ASMR.

But audible ASMR triggers (as opposed to olfactory, visual, etc.) can also be incredibly relaxing. Judging by the insane amount of YouTube videos and views with people simulating various ASMR techniques, I'm not alone.

Does it work for you?