We came up with seven excuses you can use for being late to work that only Twin Falls area employees can get away with. If we missed any, be sure to let us know in the comments.

The Wind

If you tell your boss that you’re late because the wind, they’ll totally buy it. Whether it’s a tree in the middle of the road, the bridge closes or you spent your morning hunting down your trampoline that blew down the street, any excuse surrounding wind is totally believable. And the nice thing about wind is that it’s a constant.  You can use this excuse just about any day of the year.


Google Maps

If you commute north to south to get to work in Twin Falls, the train can be an excellent excuse for being late. Depending on the time of day, the wait time at the south Shoshone tracks can take 20 minutes or more.

I took Blue Lakes

Google Maps

Twin Falls has really grown up.  The city has done its best to open up alternate routes like Eastland and Washington for north/south traffic but Blue Lakes at drive time is still a beast. I know people who live in Filer who can make it to Twin Falls faster than a Twin Falls resident who uses Blue Lakes to get from one end of town to the other.


This one is more seasonal but if you get caught in some of the Twin Falls construction, there are literally times when you physically cannot get to work.

I couldn't turn left

Google Maps

Whether you’re on Blue Lakes, Addison or even downtown Twin at Main and Shoshone, turning left in Twin Falls is not for sissies. How many times have you waited 10 minutes for an opening to give up, turn right, and go the long way?

I was stuck behind a farmer

Brad Weiser

This is by no means a rant. Getting stuck behind a farm implement is just part of life in Southern Idaho and can be a great excuse to be late for those of you who live in the country.