There's a strange beauty to this one. Many moons ago, it was the Star Mine in Burke, Idaho. Burke is abandoned now, but the skeleton of what used to thrive there remains in this haunting video.

The Star Mine itself has a rich history. The Hecla Mining Company documents its beginnings back in the 1890's including the terrible fire that destroyed many of the facilities in the 1920's.

Fire sweeps through Burke, Idaho on July 13, 1923 – a Friday – destroying the Hecla mine buildings, damaging the hoist, and decimating the Burke business district along with 50 homes. Miraculously, no one is injured: men working underground as far down as the 1600 level are hoisted out of the mine before flames cut off the electricity. The rest climb hand-over-hand 2,000 feet to the surface.

According to the YouTube share, the Star Mine used to be the deepest in North America plunging over 8,100 feet into the ground.

The mines (and the town) have been unoccupied for the past 25 years. But, the buildings remain as a reminder of what used to be.