Ready for a creepy story to get you in a weekend mood? Well, check this out. There are some people who have been investigating some abandoned cabins in northern Nevada and what they've found is beyond strange.

I first learned about these people from Only In Your State. The YouTube channel is Explore With Us. The search for remote areas where you find a lot of buildings that have not been occupied for years.

In the video at the top of the page, they found a remote cabin who's owner died many years ago. But, someone (or something) is putting fresh flowers in the kitchen.

Explore With Us via YouTube

In a completely different location, they found another building which had a door with the word "HELP" scratched into it.

Explore With Us via YouTube

Inside that door, they found (among other things) a male black widow spider. We probably don't want to know why someone was so desperate that they scratched "help" into the door in the middle of nowhere.

Note: They never give out the exact location of any of their investigations, so if you want to find these for yourself, you'll need to do some exploring.

You can watch the full investigation at the video below. I would recommend subscribing to these folks as they have one of the more interesting channels I've seen on YouTube.