One of the aspects of the Internet that I really enjoy are videos of people doing things that I would never be brave enough to do. This includes exploring abandoned mines in Idaho. The videos I've come across are both exciting and extremely dangerous.

In the first video above, I could never pinpoint what part of Idaho they discovered these mines in. That's too bad, because they found 3 different mines while hiking and all are interesting for different reasons.

I know this video is from Northern Idaho, but it's mainly just pictures.

Then, there's this one near Silver City, Idaho.

I decided to do some digging (sorry for the mining pun) and found a pretty detailed map of abandoned mines in Idaho. Although most are in the central and northern parts of the state, there are several in the Magic Valley also.

If you decide to go exploring, you need to educate yourself about the dangers that go along with spelunking (which describes cave exploring, but same principle applies). The most obvious would be the potential for cave-ins and collapsing rock. But, there are numerous others like hypothermia, falling, diseases, not to mention getting lost and numerous other pitfalls (some literal).

As for me, I'll happily live vicariously through the adventures of others when it comes to the super interesting abandoned caves of Idaho.