I hesitate to pass along reports like this, but I've seen it shared enough that I feel the need to debunk yet another report about the Yellowstone Super-volcano. No, Yellowstone National Park is NOT being evacuated due to an imminent eruption.

The latest report from Trending News Guide claims that the park is being evacuated because "the volcano could erupt in weeks".  They cite their source as Liberty First. If you go to that website, you will see Johnny Depp dressed up as Donald Trump. That should tell you something. They list their source as the Civic Tribune. Don't go there. The first picture to come up there is Justin Bieber.

All of these wacky sites claim that there is a "Senior Volcanologist Richard Dunn" who estimates that current activity in the park show the volcano is about to erupt. If you Google it, you'll see that this guy's name has been associated with hoaxes dating back several years.

Could the Yellowstone Super-volcano erupt? Sure. It's a volcano. They can go boom. Is Yellowstone being evacuated? No. How am I sure? I took my family there to take pictures back in June when that report originated. We got in the park just fine and took this video of Old Faithful.

Sorry to burst your bubble if you're hoping for some apocalyptic volcano explosion, but there's nothing unusual happening - at least for now.