This custom board game is only good way to do a 3D Castlevania.

Redditor XsimonbelmontX has created a massive and brilliant board game based on the Castlevania series. Based on the main board's layout, the focus is on te original NES classic, but the board game itself features over 100 item cards, 100 monster cards and 11 protagonists spanning from all across the franchise (mainly from the 2D side-scrolling entries). There are also all kinds of custom-made di and game pieces that are used in the game. XsimonbelmontX claims he made the most of the game pieces using an inkjet printer for the images.

The protagonist cards incorporate many of the characters' mechanics of the previous games. Charlotte is physically weak but great at magic. Soma Cruz can absorb the souls of about one-third of the monsters in the game, which add to his initially limited arsenal. Alucard can transform into animals.

In terms of the game's premise, Dracula has already been vanquished, but the evil remains throughout his castle. Players must work together to make it through the first five levels, beat each stage's boss and collect a piece of Dracula as they go along. Once you have all five parts of Dracula, you go to his tower to resurrect him, break his curse and vanquish him for good.

XsimonbelmontX claims that if Konami doesn't show any interest in the project, he might make it available for Print and Play. He has already been getting numerous offers from other Redditors to sell his copy of the game or for him to make another copy for them. Hopefully, Konami picks it up for an official release. We'd play the hell out of this.

This is for all you longtime Konami fans: