Ajay Ghale sits down at the table with Pagan Min, the despotic king of Kyrat, in the latest trailer for Far Cry 4, until some help arrives from down below.

This new trailer for Far Cry 4 is proof that you should never trust anyone with an undercut. In what appears to be one of Ajay Ghale's first encounters with Pagan Min, he gets a black hood put over his head so he can't see the way he was taken to Min's home. This trailer suggests that Ajay was abducted and taken against his will to meet with the King of Kyrat. Min is rather hospitable to Ajay because his parents were revolutionaries that helped overthrow the previous regime that inevitably (and perhaps inadvertently), helped Pagan Min ascend to the throne of Kyrat.

During this trailer, some sort of important person is sitting at the table with Ajay and Pagan. The person sends a text message, presumably to his own men, saying that he needs help. Min's response is priceless. Of course, the allusions you can make to the Joker are almost obvious, given Min's suit, his flamboyant personality and his overall penchant for death, chaos and sadistic humor.

Be ready to see Kyrat in all of its tyrant-run glory when Far Cry 4 launches on Nov. 18 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

We're pretty sure Pagan Min is the type of person to get emotional with guns, but don't tell him we said that.