has taken a big dive today. There is now an app called 'Fartners' and it's like Social Networking for your flatulence. Yeah. Go ahead and wrap your head around that one. Oddly this wasn't even invented by a 12 year old boy with an immature mind. Nope - grown adults with too much time made this app. Watch the video - but beware of a cuss word at the end.

The way it works is you fire up the app any time you feel some gas coming, and hit record. Then your flatulence is shared with your friends, followers, and everyone else on the site. Then they can rate it, comment on it, and share it. Fantastic!

So it really is like Twitter but instead of people sharing their brain farts, they share their real farts.

You can get the app by searching "Fartners" in the Google Play store. You can find me on there as DJ Gas Mask (not really, but that would be an awesome name)!