Those who are still playing and enjoying the PS4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall and its Intercept expansion have some upcoming free content inbound.

Two new co-op maps and one new competitive map can be downloaded free of charge today for Killzone: Shadow Fall players, adding new locales for some Helghast-shooting action. The two new co-op maps include the ATAC Tower and The Canal, while the new competitive map is called The Statue. Note that the co-op maps require the Intercept expansion to be accessed, while the competitive map can be downloaded by all users, regardless of whether or not they purchased the Intercept DLC.

The PlayStation Blog has posted a brief description of all three maps, letting players know exactly what they can expect from these new locations. The competitive Statue map centers around a fallen Helghast statue. The ATAC Tower is an ATAC drone base and is a pivotal location against the Vektan and Helghast defectors. The Canal is a river filled with so much grime, you would think there is a nuclear power plant upstream from it.

All three maps are available now, so go ahead and get your Killzone on in three brand new locations right this second.

These new maps are perfect for you to get your space man on.