TWIN FALL, Idaho (KLIX)- A fire late Tuesday night damaged the basement of the Twin Falls School District Office on Main Avenue. According to Eva Craner, district spokesperson, the fire started at around 10:45 p.m. in the lower level of the office where the district's IT equipment is located. Craner says the director of IT got an alarm message of smoke on his phone and immediately called the fire department.

Crews were able to quickly extiguish the fire, however the area was significantly damaged. None of the district servers were damaged by fire or water. The blaze did force a shutdown of those servers that limited communication district wide. Several schools were without phone or internet service for the early part of Wednesday morning.

Craner says employees in the district office have needed to relocate temporarily because of smells in the upper level. The district may know later how soon they can move back into the building. The structure was not damaged by the fire. Most communication and internet services were restored by mid-morning.