Here are five closed Twin Falls businesses we’d love to see reopen.

After the sad news of River Rock Grill closing its doors after 20 years, it got me to thinking about all of the great places around Twin Falls I’d like to see come back.


In a place that seems to have more cold days than warm days, it was sad to see a place like Nazzcart close shop. Video games, food and go-carts could keep you entertained on a cold Friday night.


Motor Vu Drive-In Theater. Image: Interstate Amusement/

Gone are the days where you could write down your favorite radio station on a piece of paper for a $10 carload pass. The managers didn’t even care if you brought your own food and coolers. They even looked the other way when we brought our BBQ’s. I’m afraid this past-time is lost forever.

Treasure Cove

Christa Brunt

Treasure Cove was a mini-golf/arcade and was a great place to take little kids. It opened sometime around 1991-1992 at the Fred Meyer complex, (At the time, it was the Blue Lakes Mall,) in Twin. After closing in moved to Shoshone street where it lasted a couple years before closing forever.

Aroma Restaurant


Remember the Aroma, in downtown Twin Falls? It was a little Italian restaurant that was quaint but had just a hint of an upscale feel to it. The pasta was made from scratch and the chicken lasagna was off the hook. I took my high-school girlfriend there on paydays when I wanted to show her I was *wink* classy. $$

Dale’s Dogs

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Dale’s Dogs opened in May of 2006, in the Centennial Square in Twin was the closest thing we had in Twin Falls to real Chicago deli-dogs, served with mustard. (Ketchup by request only)… Not to mention it was the only place in Twin to get Chicago style pizza. It closed, two short years later.

What are some other closed businesses in the Twin Falls area you'd like to see reopen?