Or at least I think/hope/want-to-believe so.  Pretty please?  Maybe?  Possibly?

I should also clarify: I'm talking Citizens, not Congress.  Congress couldn't agree on whether to remove leeches from an orphaned kitten if that kitten lived in either a poor neighborhood or a corporation.

I should also clarify: I'm talking about Citizens who can sit down in a room and talk with one another via reasoned arguments.  Soooo, maybe enough agreement to warrant new legislation that may not be perfectly 100% what either major party wants, but enough to make progress.

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    Term Limits for Congress

    I'm not saying it'll actually get passed in Congress, but it sure would be nice to take away the incentive to get reelected in order to focus more on solutions to problems.

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    Campaign Finance Reform

    I don't meet too many average Jenns and Joes like myself who want MORE money in politics.  I'll bet we could gain some ground here.

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    Simplifying the Tax Code

    I'd like to remind us that we're talking about Citizens, not Congress!  Seems like citizens have wanted this for. ev. er.  But Congress couldn't agree on whether to capital-punish babies for crapping themselves if their lives depended on it.

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    More Help for Start-Ups

    Could be financial help in the form of tax incentives, breaks, or full-on cuts, but as someone who has started 4 businesses, my goodness it's expensive.  I suspect the Republican platform could easily and rightly cheer for the American Dream, and Democrats could easily and rightly cheer for protecting the middle class.

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    Marriage Equality

    Gallup, Polling Report, Political Wire, and Fox News (more marginally depending on the specific issue) show a majority of Americans support marriage equality for LGBT people.  At the very least public opinion appears to be trending more and more this direction, so I'm hopeful that all state bans will be overturned, though I realize there's some messiness with religious rights that needs to be (and is being) negotiated.

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