I'm so excited to visit my family in Florida! This will be my son's first trip to the sunshine state. Here's the only thing, how do I keep a toddler entertained on an eight-hour plane ride?

If karma is real, I'm in trouble. I'm the person who orders a beer while sitting in the middle row between children. How else am I to cope?

While I have not done this yet, I have done LOTS of research and here's what I've found, but first, look at this cute kid! ;-)

Kendra Wolfe, 983TheSnake.com
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    How to Deal With Tantrums

    You know your child the best, be ready to comfort. Have everything you need on-hand. For me that would be the three B's: bottle, binkie, and blanky.

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    Keep Them Entertained

    Break out the iPad, let the kiddo play with your phone, bring the remote from home, and buy a new toy just in case you need to bring out the big guns.

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    Installing a Car Seat on the Plane?

    I suggest calling the airline(s) you are flying with. I did. I just asked them about seating for the child. I would also suggest being VERY nice to the airplane staff. You never know if you'll need their help.

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    What Should I Bring?

    My sister in-law said it best: "bring everything you will need and nothing you don't." When in doubt, buy it at the airport or "Macgruber it."

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    Chill Out

    This is tough for me. I'm type A. I'm strung out. However, I need to remember to chill out during the plane ride and just roll with the punches. I don't know much, but I do know that when I'm apprehensive, it makes my son apprehensive also. So if I'm chill, he'll be chill too.

    Brian McEntire, ThinkStock