Do you have a guilty pleasure? Something you do but hate to admit it to others? This is mine. I enjoy watching people play farming games where they pretend to harvest stuff in Idaho.

I'm not sure what's so compelling about this. But, Youtuber RDAllen has created a series of videos where he plants (and eventually harvests) crops in Idaho. The game he's playing is called Farming Simulator 15.

Here's what RD has to say about farming here in Southern Idaho:

The farmland here is rich and fertile! All of the main crops are available, plus oat and soybean. There are 2 farms. One main farm and one older style livestock farm where you will find pig/beef fattening, sheep, and chickens. The storage at each farm is separate, which means two farms as a single player or split if playing with a friend.

In the spring, I shared RD's planting season in pretend Idaho. So, I figured it was only fair to see how the harvest was going.

Even better news? Yes, there's a brand new version of Farming Simulator coming out soon. This one will have fancier graphics and a railroad.

Since I live in Twin Falls, I have to ask if the railroad will be just like the one that blocks traffic here in town several times a day. We can only hope.