BOISE, Idaho (AP) - A group of Idaho residents are trying to save a tree that was grown from seeds taken aboard the Apollo 14 mission to the moon. The Idaho Statesman reports the loblolly pine planted in 1977 on Lowell Elementary School's campus is dehydrated and infected with insects. Eagle Historical Museum curator Alana Dunn brought the tree to the school's attention.

Pattie Hennequin has a third-grader enrolled at Lowell and is now leading the effort to save the so-called moon tree, grown from seeds that were germinated after returning from space.

Arborists with Idaho Tree Preservation in Boise are donating time to deal with the insects. The North End Neighborhood Association has agreed to pay for the 275 gallons of water the pine needs each week. Lowell students are making a plaque for the unmarked tree.