We are a unique people in Idaho. If you doubt me, you have to watch a video blog from a guy who went to a park in Shoshone, Idaho. It starts with him jumping up and down to "release toxins".

The guy's name is Travis Heinze. I can tell that Travis thinks about stuff - a lot. After jumping up and down in the park for awhile, he then begins to journey around Shoshone and taking some video of the interesting buildings there. Plus, he even throws in a tiny bit of commentary about the "Indians" mascot of the school there.

Travis also documents his conversation with a policeman from Twin Falls who lives in Shoshone and commutes. About 9 minutes in, he seems to be a little concerned about trains running into each other. After that, Travis proceeds to examine the silk on the corn in a nearby field.

Travis, we have to party with you someday.

One of the more interesting parts of Travis video is his exploration of some abandoned buildings around Shoshone.

I'm being serious when I say that I really am not trying to make fun of Travis. I love free spirits like his. That's one of the most endearing parts of Idaho to me.

I highly recommend you check out his YouTube channel. He is a truly unique individual that made me laugh out loud. Thanks, Travis.