Avenged Sevenfold -- yes, that Avenged Sevenfold -- is set to launch their mobile game, Hail to the King: Deathbat, in October. This is a thing that is happening, people.

Because we live in the dimension wherein this has become a reality, Avenged Sevenfold's action-adventure game is set for release on Oct. 16. The game is a romp through the band's discography, exploring the themes and images most associated with their music, all mixed together with some brutal melee combat.

The band also provides the score for the game, lending more of their talents and music to Deathbat. You'll have melee attacks, mana-fueled magic powers and a whole bevy of baddies on which to unleash your unholy wrath. Love the band or hate them, you've got to admit that this is a pretty cool concept and a novel way to promote their new album, 'Hail to the King'.

Check out the frenetically-cut trailer above and look out for the game on the App Store and the Google Play store on Oct. 16.